Traffic Violations That Might Make You Face Severe Consequences And How An Attorney Can Help You

Unfortunately, vehicular crashes are one of the leading causes of death in the country. This is the reason many drivers get severe punishments if they break traffic rules. Judges often issue traffic offenders harsh judgments to discourage them from engaging in these unlawful acts in the future. You might also face severe consequences if the court finds you guilty of the traffic violations discussed below. Still, you can avoid getting a harsh judgment by hiring a lawyer to defend you. Read on to find out how this is possible.

Driving Above the Speed Limit

Most roads have signs that instruct drivers on the speed limit they should observe. You must adjust your speed whenever you move to a different road to ensure that you comply with what the speed signs indicate. If you don't, the police might pull you over and charge you with speeding. Consequently, you can lose your driving rights or face other severe punishments if convicted. Therefore, it is advisable to get legal help when facing speeding charges. The lawyer you hire for your case can raise different arguments to prove that your speeding mistake was not due to a disregard for the law. For example, they might argue that the speeding sign was not visible. In such a case, your attorney can assert that you did not know that you were supposed to adjust your speed.

Driving Under the Influence

A conviction for DUI might cause you to spend years behind bars, pay a hefty fine, or lose your driving license if the judge finds you guilty. Even so, there are several effective defenses your legal representative can use to prove that you were not driving while impaired. To this end, you need to consult a lawyer to help you determine what will be effective in fighting your charges. A possible legal measure is challenging the strategies the police used when conducting sobriety tests. Your traffic lawyer will also challenge any procedural irregularities the officers may have engaged in when apprehending you.

Using Your Cell Phone While Driving

It is illegal to use a cell phone while driving because it draws your attention away and can lead you to cause a collision. Accordingly, the police might arrest and charge you if they see you texting or talking on the phone while operating your vehicle. This can have serious repercussions that might even include a jail sentence. Therefore, you should enlist the services of an attorney to defend you when you appear in court for distracted driving.

In the event that the police arrest you for engaging in any of these traffic offenses, get in touch with a traffic attorney. When you do this, your lawyer will build a defense aimed at enabling you to get a favorable outcome in your case.

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