Going Through A Custody Battle? How An Attorney Can Help

If you are a loving parent, the very thought of someone else having custody of your children is enough to keep you up at night. Children bring so much joy into a person's life that it can feel like torture to even be subjected to the idea that they won't be around you all the time. Going through a custody battle with the other parent of your child is hard, and if you're facing the war alone, it can be even rougher. You need a skilled child custody attorney, such as Patricia L Riddick PLLC Atty, to help you get the outcome that you desire. Here are just a sampling of the many ways that a lawyer can help you get through this time.

Evidence Is the Key to Winning 

No matter what kind of face your former partner puts on when standing in front of a custody attorney, the truth might hold a different picture. There could be some things that you know about the mother or father of your children which paints them in a light that clearly points to their inability to properly care for the kids. Unless you have the evidence to back up your findings, the entire matter could end up in an endless "he-said-she-said" situation that doesn't help you reach the desired outcome.

Child custody attorneys know how important it is to show up in court with hard evidence that cannot be refuted. An example of this would be if you are aware of your former partners' drinking habits. Perhaps this person gets so drunk on a daily basis that they become violent. They might routinely fire up the car and go to bars at night in a drunken state, running the risk that your children will be left alone at home or even put in harm's way all because their parent wants a drink.

Investigators Get to the Bottom of Things

Your attorney can work with a private investigator to gather the evidence needed to shore up the claims you are levying against the other party. The investigator might covertly snap pictures of the offending person as they stumble out of a bar late at night. If you show these pictures to the judge, it could be the proof you need to gain custody once and for all.

When you have an experienced attorney on your team, you can walk into the custody hearing with confidence. Find a lawyer and let them assist you in getting the custody arrangement that works best for you.

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