You're Out On Bail: 5 Ways To Follow Your Attorney's Orders To Avoid Trouble

You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now you're out on bail and your attorney has told you to stay out of trouble. It may seem like a simple statement. However, a lot goes into staying out of trouble while you're awaiting trial. Here is a brief list that will help you avoid problems now that you've been released from police custody.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Being out on bail is not the time to get involved in drugs or alcohol. In fact, if your crime is related to either of those substances, being caught under the influence may get you placed back in police custody.

Stay Away From the "Old Gang"

If your friends are responsible for your recent brush with the law, you should avoid associating with them until after the trial. This is especially important if there is a history of criminal behavior when you're with a certain group of friends.

Remain in Contact With Your Attorney

Your attorney is going to need to speak to you while you're out on bail. This is the time that they'll be developing your defense. Not only that, but your attorney will need to know how to get in touch with you in an emergency situation – such as if the prosecutor wants to discuss a deal.  

Be sure that your attorney can contact you at all times. If you're going to leave town, let your attorney know where you will be and when you'll be returning. If the court has ordered you to stay in town, you will not be able to leave the area.

Don't Talk Without Your Attorney Present

When you were arrested, you were read your Miranda rights. One of those rights is to have your attorney present during questioning. You don't lose that right simply because you're out on bail. If you're called in for questioning while out on bail, contact your attorney immediately. Don't speak to investigators until your attorney can be present.

Be On Time to Court Appearances

Judges don't like to wait. If you're late for your court appearance, the judge may revoke your bail and order your return to police custody. If you have scheduled hearings, be on time. If you're faced with an emergency – such as sickness, accidents, or car trouble – notify your attorney as soon as possible.

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