Avoid Debt, Alimony And Huge Losses With A Prenuptial Agreement

If you are starting your career and you are also ready to start a family and get married, a prenuptial agreement is something you don't want to skip before you walk down the aisle. You never know what can happen when you marry someone, or what habits and debt they may have that you don't know about.

You need to know what type of debt your future spouse has before the two of you get married, and you have to make sure you protect your financial assets. Here are a few things you want to talk with a lawyer about to put in the prenuptial agreement.

Separate Debt

If your fiance talks about student loans, medical debts or credit cards, you have a right to know how much debt they have before you get married. You could get stuck with the debt if something happens to them or you get divorced. You can put in the prenuptial agreement that each of you are responsible for your own debt and that you take it with you if you separate. This can save you from owing thousands that you didn't accumulate.

Protect Investments and Savings

If you have a pension plan through your employer, a large investment portfolio, a 401k account or other savings accounts, you can make sure you get back everything that you had in the accounts before you got married if you separate. You can also say that anything you put in there after the wedding is also yours. This prevents you from losing half of everything if things go awry after the wedding.

Deny Alimony

If you make significantly more money than your future spouse or if you think that your spouse may end up staying home, you may not want to pay them alimony if you divorce. Have the lawyer state there will be no spousal support if the two of you don't last, so you aren't paying for their lifestyle after you two aren't together any longer.

There are a lot of different reasons why people in America get divorced and you want to make sure that you go into marriage with a clear head. Protect yourself financially with the help of a family law professional and a prenuptial agreement so you don't end up having to pay your spouse support, along with losing half of your savings and getting stuck with some of their debt.

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